Darren, Peter, Marvin, Me.

No Day But Today had an extremely short-lived run. By extremely, I mean three nights. I think the cast of the show would’ve been happy to have done a three week run. Personally, I’d have done it for three months. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and definitely my most memorable time on ‘stage.’

(It was essentially a ballroom floor).

I’ve been on stage for various things since I was around three, starting with the biennial Allen School of Dance and Performing Arts school shows. The last one I did when I was eighteen, was Movie Musicals, in which I got to perform a solo dance (not my favourite one, but hey), as well as perform my legendary tap duet with my extremely talented and clever past dance partner. It was a good show, and I was invited to do a ‘leaving speech’ at the end of the show, which subsequently made the majority of my friends cry. I was all emotional, but that was now almost two years ago, and quite honestly, I don’t miss dance lessons as much as I’d think.

Poster No Venue

According to some, this poster just screams the fact I designed it…

I played a cacophony of characters, who were technically the same person. Think of play within a play, Our Country’s Good or The Caucasian Chalk Circle-esque. In other words, a colossal mind f*ck. As the show was essentially the rehearsal process of the show (we were putting on a show called No Day But Today, in a show called No Day But Today), I played a character called Darren, who in the show within the show, played a character named Peter. Darren wasn’t necessarily dim-witted, he would just end up in his own little world more often than not. Essentially, just like me. But a little more over the top.

What I’m attempting to get at is, theatre is where I live. It may not be the career choice I’m taking, but it’s where I’ve always chosen to be alongside the normal routine of life. I know No Day But Today was my third show here with MTS, but as the MTS family feel a lot closer this year (and I’m not going to lie, NDBT was leagues better than Phantom of the Musical), so my experience was improved a million times over. After all of the shows I’ve done in my life, No Day But Today has been the one I’ve enjoyed the most- so far.

Loserville-Leeds-PosterLoserville is yet to come. It’s the kind of musical I’ve always wanted to do, it’s not hugely known, which is going to make it all the more fun to learn, perform, and in your case, watch. I’m playing Marvin Camden, a guy who’s accepted his geekiness, and doesn’t shy away from the women. Me all over really. This however, will to an extent be one of my last ventures into performing on stage. Next year, I am going to be the choreographer in the society, so as soon as the curtain falls on the final night of Loserville, sh*tting a brick will be putting it lightly.

So this is it for me on stage. I’m going to miss it immensely, but with Loserville, it’s safe to say I feel like I’m going out with a bang. I don’t think people are ever going to understand how much this show is going to mean to me.

If you do, let’s make it amazing.

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Signposts and Mirrors.

I don’t really know where I stand right now.

I sound like your typical teenager finding themselves, but being too lazy to do it. I’m cycling through one of those moods where I for some reason look at my career path and move my mouth so far to the side it practically replaces my cheek. This is the direction I want to go in, so why does my mood want to question it now and again? I did however find a way to dismiss it, by simply asking myself, ‘what else can I do?’ I then re-realise I’m heading the right way.

That’s when I walk into Uni and sit down. Or in this case, I don’t. Earlier this week, we had a big presentation to do, and I, having a painful seven hour shift the night before, finished the night feeling extremely ill (most likely the bug going around the cast of No Day But Today, which had recently finished), that unfortunately continued through to that morning. I couldn’t go in. Simple as that. I apologised, and hoped my group will get along fine.

They didn’t.

This has happened before. These guys I worked with are all very clever and 100% capable, but it all fell to pieces. Some of the remarks made when I announced I would be absent led me to believe that there was a heavy reliance on me. If they read this and they think otherwise, for christ sake show it! I know I’ve mentioned my presence on my course before but, I didn’t exactly wan to either experience or mention it again.

Silent Speech is under way, and as three of the team gallivant around Amsterdam 4K’ing their views, myself and my colleague were left in an ‘up-shit-creek’ style sitation. This is the most inopportune time for me to be stressing about this as well as the thing I mentioned earlier as well as the inner-war of mine raging currently. I just can’t be doing with it.

I need something that’s just going to nudge me back on track.

-but I don’t think it’s going to be the usual thing that does this time.

I see a desaturated experience from here on out.

Taking Off.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. In my most recent vlog, I mention the fact I’m actually finally doing YouTube stuff.

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now, but it’s not that I keep putting it off, I just always suffer from either a creator’s block, or just lack motivation. If I’ve been doing Uni work (obviously film stuff), but after doing number of hours of editing, I can’t be bothered to continue with doing more editing. Then again, after taking the plunge with a Five Nights At Freddy’s video, I realised it’s not actually too time consuming, so now I’m more motivated to do it, as I now know it won’t take too long.

An episode of FNaF for example takes roundabout an hour to record and edit, and however my internet’s feeling depends on how long it takes to upload. If I’m lucky (and now that I’m back in Coventry), it should only take about 30mins. In case you’re intrigued to watch me play what is to be considered one of the scariest games ever, look below…

There’s more stuff on the way, and I’m really excited to see what happens if I keep going. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, head to my channel and hit ‘Subscribe,’ it’d mean a lot.

My first Night 4 recording went tits-up, so you don't get to see this...

My first Night 4 recording went tits-up, so you don’t get to see this…

New Year, New Me- Oh Get Out.

Things are starting to change around here. Hopefully, for the better. Firstly, I’m now pretty much halfway through University now, so now I’m closer to leaving than to starting. It sounds horrendously cliché’d, but it *does* feel like yesterday since I moved into Block 13. Now we’re here. So what’s new?

High School Musical much?

High School Musical much?

Well, for starters, a couple of friends and I have started a Production Company, known as Silent Speech Productions. You know when you were young, and you and your mates would come up with various hair-raising schemes, such as forming a band, or something along those lines? As we’re now 19/20, I’d assumed we’d be past the stage of these just being silly schemes, but this time, it’s for real. We’re getting funding and so on from various ‘start-your-business’ businesses within the Uni, and we’re already sorting out our online and professional presence (that’s sort of my department), and if you like (and I hope you do), you can check us out on Facebook, and drop a like. You never know, one day you might need us…


Next up, YouTube. It’s something I keep saying I’m going to start *properly*. But I think I finally am. For Christmas (well, it was an early Christmas present), I received a USB condensor microphone from my family, and it’s just wonderful. I now have an arm for it, so once I’m back in Coventry, and Otone eventually pull their finger out of their arse and get my SECOND SET of replacement speakers sorted, my desk will look just, ugh- I can’t even put it into words. Anywho, after a recent- let’s say, obsession, with a new horror game titled Five Nights At Freddy’s, I started doing a ‘let’s play’ with a facecam on YouTube, and according to my friends, it is actually pretty good. To elaborate on the ‘obsession’ with this game, essentially, any game which on the surface seems relatively ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get,’ but has tons of backstory revealed through seemingly meaningless scraps of info hidden around the games get me instantly hooked. Much like the backstories of Team Fortress 2 and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Zombies mode. Speaking of CoD: Zombies, that’s where I’m going to venture to next in terms of YouTube.

So subscribers are rolling- okay, drifting in, but nontheless, it’s a start, and hopefully, when we get back to Coventry in the new year, Silent Speech Productions will hit the ground running, and the recognition and dollar will come rolling in. Being completely honest, I’m looking forward more to the recognition than to the cash.

Happy New Year too! 2015 actually might be something new for once, now I look back at what I’ve just written. As for a resolution, I’ll stick to the one I’ve used for the past nineteen years- ‘don’t bother with one.’

I’ll be indoors making YouTube content I guess.
Drinking bores me now.

Hiatus II: Boredom’s Revenge.

So my last post was depressing as hell. I never blog off an iPhone. My iPad maybe, but I mainly blog on my Mac, mainly because for proper writing sessions I like having a physical keyboard. Especially when it’s mechanical, makes wonderful clicky noises, and has sixteen-point-eight million colours under each key. That’s right, I’m still creaming over this thing. Sad I know, but if you hadn’t worked that out by now from my write-y ramblings, you’re falling behind, friend.

It’s 2am on Tuesday the 9th December, and early morning seems to be the time I actually get the motivation to write something for SeriesThree. I know it’s an odd time, but I’m writing nonetheless, and that’s all I’m really bothered about. Let’s rid SeriesThree of this doom and gloom, and I didn’t realise until today that the last two posts were really depressing. Let’s look at the good, as I head into this second Eternal Hiatus.


Weekly tasks are back for the second (awesome) time. I’m hoping this carries into third year, as I really see personal development and genuinely good work from me when I’ve got one week to do it. For me, the biggies were Seul À La Maison, Insufficient Attention, Mythologies, and last but the farthest from least possible, Upheaval. Rather than go into tons of detail for all, I’m just going to leave beautifully embedded videos for you to watch, and from these four HTML marvels, you can see why I love them.

-and to wrap that all up, how about a run down of all of my weekly tasks (including those above), and slap a good title on there rather than <name here> – Portfolio like everyone else did?

They were our weekly tasks. It’s been good, but yesterday was meant to be feedback and awards for various things, but it was cancelled. That sucks a bit. Anywho, there was another module running alongside. This was ‘Formats Production,’ something I was looking forward to all Summer. Unfortunately, it was a little rusty in some areas (this I could’ve worked out from the same happening last year), but hey, I made a radio and a television show.

Canned laughter is a load of shit. Just going to be blunt and say it. It pained me to add it to something that I already felt was something rather good in itself. Unfortunately, our tutor took it the wrong way and said it ‘didn’t work as a quiz show.’ Sorry, it’s not a quiz show. Never mind. We got 68% prior to mentioning its non-quizzical nature. Use of canned laughter was canned however (if you’ll pardon the pun), in the makings of the TV show which BLEW LAST YEAR’S OUT OF THE WATER.

#TheViralGames just worked. It was lovingly created by a team that genuinely wanted to be there, unlike x number of people on my team last year. I directed again, as it’s something I know I’m good at, so why not again? It was funny, it worked as a show, it’s not boring, it all fell together well, so why list the faults? BASK IN IT’S HASHTAGGED GLORY.

There’s MTS stuff going on too, namely an original showcase scheduled for January with more of an actual story this time! I managed to bag one of the two male leads out of five overall leads, and will be singing a duet with my friend Jack. You know how I mentioned before that I wanted some Book of Mormon in there? My dream came true. I’m singing Elder Cunningham’s part in ‘You And Me (But Mostly Me). The show’s looking amazing, and it’s a huge part of my life. A lead. This is it.

Let’s not elaborate on things too much, in case the darkness of SeriesThree recently creeps back.

Also, Christmas is just around the corner. As much as I’m not feeling one million percent excited, I am more so than last year. It will be a slightly more difficult Christmas this year, but it’s not something I’ll elaborate on now, as I want no moping today. Then thing about Christmas is, I’m going home. I am looking forward to it of course, but I will be bored. I always am. Hence Hiatus II.

I have one year left though.

Crap. Hiatus will be a fecking trilogy.

Plain Sailing – Across Gravel.

So at the moment, I’m laid in bed. It’s almost 3am, and one of those moods has just swooped in, one where you suddenly feel you’re losing all direction, and you’re circling on a playground roundabout, in an endless abyss. The fact of the matter is, I have no reason to be here, and that makes it worse. There are more things going better here than there are going sour, but these things are unfortunately all ones that appear to be eating away at me more than they should. It’s literally just stuff like a trip ballsing up in front of your eyes, and the only alternate option is to go on a later trip to the same place with a bunch of poncy first-years, and don’t even get me started on a particular part of my course this year where I’m/we’re expected to do vast amounts of extremely vague work with only days to complete it.

It’s all well and good the building you’ve created looks well and does the job, but if some bell-end has glued the doors shut, you’re up shit creek with no clean underwear, let alone a paddle. That’s the thing that’s annoying me. I feel that anal-polish (as I coined recently) is something that doesn’t reach to these unorganised corners of my University career. Making me feel my work isn’t worth seeing, as the stuff I put in a room and left the light off, is looking pretty shabby (hence the glued doors metaphor).

I take a lot of life advice and moral concepts from my Father, and a new saying that has become more prominent is:

Assume nothing, expect anything.

There’s such a thing as being dropped in the deep end with not much direction, but that can be a good thing. As my first ‘solid’ modules draw to a close this first term, I’m now left scrambling for my life in this metaphorical ‘deep end.’ On one side (or module to be exact), I’ve been dropped in with people I genuinely do not know, and have now just been given one map to share, just in time before a shark bites our testicles, and on the other hand, been dropped into it with an instructor with no clue about what he’s trying to teach.

It’s all good fun.

Once these two ‘solid’ modules wrap up, I’ll bring more colour and accomplishment here, but until then, I’ll wallow in over-reactive, over-thinking–something.

Loud Bangs and Slutty Cats: Rigorously Venting.

I know I’ve said this too many times, but it’s been too long since I’ve posted on here. Blogging makes up so much of my life it’s weird, and yes, I do get to do it for Uni, but just not necessarily for what I want to write about. I love Uni, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’ve left SeriesThree to gather dust. I’ve polished it with this ‘brand new’ design (which I achieved by throwing more money at my screen), and I’ve left it alone like a video game I’ve just bought and not played yet.

Halloween now is just ‘Benny’s Birthday,’ and Bonfire Night brings me positively-negative echoes of my past, and also gives me the chance to sit indoors more and hear bangs outside which completely bewilder me, until I realise it’s Bonfire night for the ump-teenth time. Quite frankly, it doesn’t appeal to me. Halloween however is to me, just an excuse for girls to end up looking wonderfully horrendously slutty, and for guys to either walk around with their ‘abs’ out (and look complete bell-ends), and/or for them to just be bell-ends. Just like the one who decided to grab me, and while wearing red contact lenses, stare directly at me and tell me how much of a freak I look wearing my ‘mask.’ Turns out I was walking home after seeing a third-year show, dressed in a suit. What a cock.

The reason why all of these lovely words sound so negative right now is because I am currently in one of my downward-swinging moods. Y’know, those ones which come out of nowhere? Yep. That’s me right now. Currently, my girlfriend, Amy, is in Madrid, telling me that it doesn’t seem too good for a year abroad, and as the States is apparently completely out of my reach, a year abroad for me is sounding less and less inviting. That’s one part of this lowered mood. The other, the cheesey reason, is that she’s not here. It sounds like such bollocks to some people, but after what I’ve been through both positively and negatively this year, she’s the one thing that’s remained constant. She brings me joy. Irrelevant of how I am, she turns up at my front door, and colour floods back into my life. Got a comment about this cheesiness? Keep it to yourself. It’s me and her against the world. The best way for it to be.

As for University in every other sense, it’s awesome. Radio has been and gone, and unsurprisingly, wasn’t as good as I hoped, but I still enjoyed it nontheless. My weekly tasks have returned this year, and quite frankly, I am overjoyed. It’s tough, but that’s life. As for some Professional Experience module, It’s been completely unproductive. I’m tempted to just go it alone, as I didn’t want to take charge in this group of complete strangers I’ve been allocated to. It sounds arsey I know, but one person takes the lead, and everyone expects you to do everything. I hate that, and it’s happened to me a lot. It’s worse actually when it appears like you’ve done everything, but in fact, it was a group effort, and for some reason people just don’t have the balls to talk.

I’ve been coined as one of the best on my course. I’ve had people explicitly say around me (deliberately), that whoever I’m working with will do well because I’m working with them.

“Oh, sit back. Rich’ll do everything.”

I know I’m doing well, but being coined as one of the best doesn’t half put three-hundred million tonnes of pressure on you. I want to do well, I want to achieve a first when I graduate, but people heckling me won’t help. It may not be deliberate ‘heckling,’ but it surely puts me on a cloud-nine downer.

Why rant about success?

I don’t know. I’m in one of those moods I guess. Everything seems to be going on a straight path recently, but that path is getting wider and narrower as I go along. I’ve been with Amy for almost a year now, I have a job here, I’m doing well, I’m (almost) managing my time well, but what is it that makes me feel like this?

Answer: I don’t know.

I do this thing called ‘sleeping on it.’

But sleep, seems far away.

Maybe it’s something else.

Something I don’t want to find.


Yesterday saw Apple’s super-duper ‘September 9 Special Event.’ We all knew what was coming. The iPhone 6 being bigger, to meet up to the consumer’s expectations of wanting to keep an entire freaking window pane in their pocket, and the confirmation of Apple’s smart-watch, aptly-titled the ‘Apple Watch,’ which Timmy Cook never referred to as being a ‘smart-watch.’ Regardless, I REALLY WANT IT- GAH.

lead_largeSo this is how the stream looked to begin with. I was concerned as to whether I’d get to see the keynote in lovely HD, which I didn’t. You may have seen the hashtag ‘#ThingsBetterThanAppleLive’ (which I actually didn’t, I was too busy trying to watch it), as the first hour or so of the KeyNote completely failed. It was jumping backwards through time so frequently it was as if there was a weeping angel tickling it, and also had an oriental translation track playing louder than the master audio. Turns out the cock-up was caused by the live text underneath the embedded stream screwing up said stream. It’s something HTML-y that was the problem, so don’t ask me to explain any more about the problems. It was annoying having to hit ‘refresh’ every ten seconds as the video would freeze, only to leave the audio gallivanting off unaware.

samsung_s5_gear2_gear_fitMoving on, the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay, and the Apple Watch were announced, to heaps of appreciation, and of course, piss. By piss, I mean the streams of steamy liquid heading to Apple’s hefty bonfire from the keyboards of internet trolls, and general faggot-y people. Samsung have been making waves in the past year by releasing more normal household objects with LCD screens and Twitter integration, and of course, the tea-tray sized mobile phones, that make people look like they’re talking into a shiny concrete slab. The Galaxy Gear and Samsung Galaxy Sx/Note series have been pretty much on-par with Apple on the Android side of things, and they’re pretty well-received. As soon as Apple release their equivalents, bring the hate. As per usual.

Thankfully, the whole “somebody copied this person etc.” appears to have died out more between Apple and Samsung. ‘Copying’ happens all the time. Think of Finding Nemo vs Shark Tale, and/or Madagascar vs In The Wild, and so on and so forth. The Apple Watch hasn’t come under much scrutiny, as the different control system, i.e. the ‘digital crown’ replacing almost entire touch screen control, makes the Apple Watch more cleverly-designed compared to the others as you’re not constantly blocking the small screen with your fingers- yadda-yadda-yadda.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.11.37 pmThe thing that is most annoying about the interwebs reacting to Apple’s newest ‘innovations,’ is of course the iPhone 6 PLUS. Not the normal one, because now that’s conforming to the usual standard of obnoxiously-sized mobile phones. The ‘plus’ has a Retina HD screen, at 5.5″ diagonally. That’s just shy of the Samsung Galaxy Note at 5.7″. Strangely however, you don’t see people making wise-cracks at being better off buying a 7″ Galaxy Tab “chortle, chortle, chortle.” Of course, Apple being Apple, the wise arse-crack comment of being better off with an iPad Mini is tasteless, dated, and old.

So as much as I rant and rant about it, Apple are always going to have a barrage of hate directed at them regardless of what they do. Admittedly, this was the biggest iPhone change yet, and I respect them for it. It was time the iPhone at looked at least a little different. I do however, really like the chiseled design of the 4/4S/5/5S. I am wanting to move in to the 6 era, just with the 4.7. Mainly so I can aspire to get the Apple Watch. I like my watches, and my (Apple) tech. It’s like a brainchild. Mmm… Smart Watch. I’m not exactly itching to move on, as the 3.5″ 4S I’ve had for around a year and a half, has served me very well.

One thing I did see/learn this week, is that haters, want to be/own what they hate on. Take that internet.

Back in the Opposite Midlands.

I’m home again. No, not that home. The other one. Y’know? Coventry? Second year doesn’t start until late September, but I’m here already, as we could move in to our NEW TOTALLY AWESOME HOUSE.

iPhone Panorama actually worked.

iPhone Panorama actually worked.

So now I’m back here, the first thing that popped into my head was VLOGS and CREATE NEW YOUTUBE CONTENT. Have I done any? Duh.


I’m thinking about doing some horrendously cliché’d vlog stuff, such as 10 random facts about me. May sound a bit crap (something various people have said to me when I’ve pitched the idea), but those seventy-or-so subscribers who don’t know who I am. Currently, my vlogs all seem to be about things you’d appreciate if you knew who I am. So there’s that. Self-reflection. All is good.


In terms of vlogs, this is my new backdrop (setup). Now I’m just waiting on my new keyboard. Which was TOTALLY worth it for 16.8 million colours per-key. How pretty it will be. Mmmmmmmn…

Moving on, in terms of Are They?, I’m still writing a script. That’s about it. Hopefully, I’m going to get a Blue Snowball condenser microphone and a desk arm, as I can then do more voice-over film work, have better audio on my vlogs, and start something completely new and radio-y (below), which is something I’m more interested in career-wise. Head to my Second Year Blog to find more ramblings about that.


For now though, I’m passing the days with occasional work, lots of scrolling through pointless websites, and making meals that aren’t entirely from frozen.

All is good once more.

Pretty (and) Slow.

Today, I was greeted by an e-mail telling me that the OS X Yosemite beta was finally open. So, when I finished my radio show, I went home and immediately installed the beta on to my other MacBook Pro. First things first, it’s reeeeaally preeettyy.

Oh my, Blog-ception.

Oh my, Blog-ception.

I thought it’d be fitting to become a tech journalist for the day, and write something about my hour-or-so with the software. As the title suggests, it was pretty slow.


This is the first beta of the system, so of course it wouldn’t be running at full speed like the final release. I tried out the developer release of iOS 7 before that was released, and that was painful too. The apps all work as normal, just at a slower pace, but either opening apps or menus, is a painfully slow task. This isn’t something I’m going to moan about too much, because that really isn’t relevant right now. It’s the little bits and pieces that need close attention. The new typeface does work quite nicely. Showing it really close up in the original launch video didn’t really do it justice, as it does look really rather nice.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 17.52.16 copy

The first thing to slap you in the face as your first look at OS X Yosemite, is the new, old-school dock. It takes a page out of both the old and new Apple OS book, taking transparency from the new, and the rectangular, non-perspective-y design of the original OS X dock. It’s the one thing about OS X Yosemite that has me on the knife-edge. It’s the one thing I’m not entirely sure of yet. There’s nothing I can really point out about it that I don’t like, it just needs to grow on me. The OS X Mountain Lion/Mavericks Dock is the one I liked the most, just because it was sleek, and the ‘active app’ lights were just so cool! Now, they’re black dots. Which I find rather boring. The icons are great, there’s just that annoying transitional period (much like the one between iOS 6 & 7), where the app developers are getting round to updating their icons, so your apps are a horrid mix of old and new aesthetics.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 18.11.41

Now I LOVED iTunes 11, and during my writing of this, the extra update came in for iTunes 12 on Yosemite. First thing’s first, it’s just gorgeous. I loved the album view, but the colour picker using album artwork was a bit picky and odd, which ended up in having either clashing or downright wrong colours representing certain albums. Now, this has been improved, and your new album view features a background of your album art blown up and heavily blurred, in-keeping with to sleek transparency theme Apple now love. The only negative thing so far about iTunes 12 is, if you look to the top right, the search bar and downloads button look a little too cramped. Little things Apple. LITTLE THINGS.

Anyway, if you saw it above, on the dock I have a purple feedback app. Sweet. I can only send ‘problem’ reports thus far, but the option of ‘enhancement reports’ (which is currently greyed out), will hopefully become available later. There are a lot of little aesthetic bones I must pick with you Apple.

ios-8-logoThe majority of the big things shown off at WWDC 2014 about OS X Yosemite were all linked with iOS 8, which the public don’t have any beta access to. So for now, you’re going to have to put up with what I’ve reviewed so far. The new features such as handoff I believe will be rather nifty, especially because I don’t use my laptop in bed, I use my iPad instead, which means it will hopefully be a nice, smooth transition. The other features, such as SMS and Phone Calls on OS X Yosemite will be awesome, as there have been countless times people have text me, and I’ve assumed the vibration in my pocket is relating to the iMessage I’ve already had and seen… Sorry non-iPhone friend. I won’t be ignoring you much longer. Also, I do hope there’s a graphical update to Final Cut Pro X, an app I obviously use quite a lot. Mainly to get rid of bevel (or ‘aqua’ as Apple call it), and have it all smooth, and gradient-y. Mmmmmmn…

Other than that, don’t be afraid of Yosemite. As much as iOS 7 had some speculation about design, we all learned to love it in the end. OS X Yosemite will be no different.