Pretty (and) Slow.

Today, I was greeted by an e-mail telling me that the OS X Yosemite beta was finally open. So, when I finished my radio show, I went home and immediately installed the beta on to my other MacBook Pro. First things first, it’s reeeeaally preeettyy.

Oh my, Blog-ception.

Oh my, Blog-ception.

I thought it’d be fitting to become a tech journalist for the day, and write something about my hour-or-so with the software. As the title suggests, it was pretty slow.


This is the first beta of the system, so of course it wouldn’t be running at full speed like the final release. I tried out the developer release of iOS 7 before that was released, and that was painful too. The apps all work as normal, just at a slower pace, but either opening apps or menus, is a painfully slow task. This isn’t something I’m going to moan about too much, because that really isn’t relevant right now. It’s the little bits and pieces that need close attention. The new typeface does work quite nicely. Showing it really close up in the original launch video didn’t really do it justice, as it does look really rather nice.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 17.52.16 copy

The first thing to slap you in the face as your first look at OS X Yosemite, is the new, old-school dock. It takes a page out of both the old and new Apple OS book, taking transparency from the new, and the rectangular, non-perspective-y design of the original OS X dock. It’s the one thing about OS X Yosemite that has me on the knife-edge. It’s the one thing I’m not entirely sure of yet. There’s nothing I can really point out about it that I don’t like, it just needs to grow on me. The OS X Mountain Lion/Mavericks Dock is the one I liked the most, just because it was sleek, and the ‘active app’ lights were just so cool! Now, they’re black dots. Which I find rather boring. The icons are great, there’s just that annoying transitional period (much like the one between iOS 6 & 7), where the app developers are getting round to updating their icons, so your apps are a horrid mix of old and new aesthetics.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 18.11.41

Now I LOVED iTunes 11, and during my writing of this, the extra update came in for iTunes 12 on Yosemite. First thing’s first, it’s just gorgeous. I loved the album view, but the colour picker using album artwork was a bit picky and odd, which ended up in having either clashing or downright wrong colours representing certain albums. Now, this has been improved, and your new album view features a background of your album art blown up and heavily blurred, in-keeping with to sleek transparency theme Apple now love. The only negative thing so far about iTunes 12 is, if you look to the top right, the search bar and downloads button look a little too cramped. Little things Apple. LITTLE THINGS.

Anyway, if you saw it above, on the dock I have a purple feedback app. Sweet. I can only send ‘problem’ reports thus far, but the option of ‘enhancement reports’ (which is currently greyed out), will hopefully become available later. There are a lot of little aesthetic bones I must pick with you Apple.

ios-8-logoThe majority of the big things shown off at WWDC 2014 about OS X Yosemite were all linked with iOS 8, which the public don’t have any beta access to. So for now, you’re going to have to put up with what I’ve reviewed so far. The new features such as handoff I believe will be rather nifty, especially because I don’t use my laptop in bed, I use my iPad instead, which means it will hopefully be a nice, smooth transition. The other features, such as SMS and Phone Calls on OS X Yosemite will be awesome, as there have been countless times people have text me, and I’ve assumed the vibration in my pocket is relating to the iMessage I’ve already had and seen… Sorry non-iPhone friend. I won’t be ignoring you much longer. Also, I do hope there’s a graphical update to Final Cut Pro X, an app I obviously use quite a lot. Mainly to get rid of bevel (or ‘aqua’ as Apple call it), and have it all smooth, and gradient-y. Mmmmmmn…

Other than that, don’t be afraid of Yosemite. As much as iOS 7 had some speculation about design, we all learned to love it in the end. OS X Yosemite will be no different.

On Air, and on Someone Else’s.

Since last Friday (11th), I’ve figured out how to record my radio shows on Endeavour Radio, and I’m now uploading them all on to MixCloud. Not a huge announcement really, but something important nontheless. Head to my newly-updated Radio page to read more about the show, or click ‘play’ below to just dive in head-first, and witness the insanity of The Rich Hutson Show.

The Rich Hutson Show - 11th July 2014 by Rich Hutson on Mixcloud

In other news, Gangnam Style [QEGS Edition] was sent in to The Dan and Phil Show during the week, and during said week, I received an e-mail from the producer, asking whether they could show it. I thought this was too good to be true. Checked the e-mail address, ‘,’ yep. The show was on Radio 1, yep. E-mailed back, of course!

So today (Sunday 13th), just a couple of songs in, they played ‘Gangnam Style,’ and showed the video we made on the live stream on the BBC Radio 1 website. I was absolutely buzzing. My legs turned to jelly as I saw myself making a complete tit of myself, ON THE BBC RADIO 1 WEBSITE! After searching ‘Gangnam Style’ on Twitter, I found a handful of relevant tweets to the show (due to their time of tweeting), moaning about the fact they were playing it. On planet ‘Radio 1 listeners,’ I guess you can’t play something more than two years old… But why should I care? It’s a national tit-making appearance!

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 07.11.23 pm

Had to take a Screengrab.

So that’s this week. Now I’m watching the World Cup Final. I was thinking about whether or not to bother, but when I saw that something of an exclusive Doctor Who flavour was happening at half time, I was sold.

Hit Subscribe. Please?

So during this summer, I’m going to really try and motivate myself to get into making my own content, such as making more Vlogs, and more original content, including Are They?

YouTube-icon-full_colorMore recently, I’ve realised that YouTube is something I should really take more seriously. After realising YouTube is slowly becoming more respected as a ‘serious’ video platform, much like Vimeo, I’ve decided this should be more of a full-time thing for me. Most of the YouTubers I watch are all living off their channels, such as TheSyndicateProject, the Vsauce channels, and Rhett and Link, and of course, PewDiePie.

I actually started YouTube back in November 2006, so just over a year after it launched. Admittedly, as Google bought out YouTube, my original account clashed with my Google account at the time, resulting in both a major cock up, and me not having access to my first ever YouTube account. Wonderful. Since then, I’ve had three other accounts. One was ‘full’ of roller coaster videos I made on NoLimits and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, one had one video, of which I do not speak of, and the fourth and final channel I have, is my present and future one.

Slapping ‘Rich Hutson’ on everything makes life easier. Thank God Google incorporated having channels with your actual name on the front. That’s the name I want to be known by across the interwebs, not by some username. I’d rather be referred to as ‘Rich Hutson’ on YouTube, not ‘pickupchangetoe.’

Icon Line Black

Trailing off, as per usual. Back to the point in hand, it occurred to me last week that YouTube is something I need to really start taking more seriously. I need to do more Vlogs, make more original content, and get my Uni work up on it as soon as I can. Being recognised on YouTube would be quite the dream come true for me, as it was the first place I came to when I started making my own films, and gaining an interest in the media back in the day.

So I need to get my act together with YouTube. Starting with actually starting Are They?, as well as recording new vlogs, and coming up with ideas for original content. You never know, if I feel Are They? is good content and/or gets good publicity and reception, I could find my calling for some YouTube serious-ness?There is of course a chance I could make a career out of this new re-start. Not only in terms of a potential full-time YouTube career, but also in terms of getting noticed. Or I could do both. John Green does. Lucky bloke.

YouTube does of course enjoy some silliness. I mean, the most subscribed to channel is a swedish guy playing games that usually scare him senseless, much to the delight of his millions of subscribers. I can be silly at times too. You know this. So please, if you’re reading this and you’ve not seen any of my work, now’s the time to. But, only if you want to. Either way,

YouTube Button

Hit Subscribe. Please?

The Vicious Circle.

Finding topics to blog about is hard. Well, it’s not really, but I didn’t really want to constantly bore you with stories about my wonderfully exciting life. Sorry about this, but here’s one for you now. Kind of. Sort of. Not really. I’m currently home from completing my first year of University in Coventry, and I finished the year on a solid 2:1. This, I am extremely happy about. After recording an end of year vlog (below), I returned home to return to slob mode.

This, as much as my parents would like to say otherwise, I hate. Sitting around and doing nothing sucks. As much as I have things I could do, such as start Are They? and complete London to Brighton 2013 I recently teased on my YouTube Channel, I’d rather go out and earn money. I’ve put some applications out, aaaand, nothing. Typical. I’m just about to send out some more, but one of these places, supposedly ‘desperate’ for staff, didn’t ever contact me. Never mind. However, this has spooked me into thinking I’m back in the horrendous circle you’re in when you’re trying to land a first time proper job (all of my previous jobs were kind of wishy-washy). This circle, is something I, as many other young people do, hate. I’m not necessarily there, but I bloody hope I’m not. Moar soon. I-cant-get-a-job-because-i-dont-have-experiance-circle

Fourth Season Commissioned.

It’s been ages since I’ve written on this blog. The last time was early March, and I covered that post in Doge memes. My body clock is hugely screwed up at the moment, so this bit you’re reading now, I am typing at 3:15am, while I have a marathon run of The Simpsons.

I’m not staying up because I’m working, or have a deadline looming, it’s because I’m bored. My last ever deadline was on Friday. That means I’m finished. First year, is over.

…and I’m scared.


Sounds stupid, right? This is me I’m writing about here. King of the unorthodox, and also of the nerds. Being at Uni is all work, work, work, and that’s why I like it. So being away from this new norm I love is the scary bit. Some people on my course think differently, and not just moan when they make yet another mountain of a script-writing task molehill.

If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

That’s how people need to think when they decide what to do. I did, and that’s why I’m here, and just finished my first year of BA Media Production. Anyway, before I trail off and moan about the people you get on any course, let’s reminisce.

SAMSUNG CSCI’m going to save everything I’ve made this year (in terms of film and probably incorporate Musical Theatre too into my next vlog). That’s right, they’re back. I now own a Samsung NX300, and it is both beautiful, and takes beautiful photos too. Just in case you’re intrigued, I’ve re-jigged my Flickr page, so I’m now getting back into Photography. You can either click on my face up there, or click on these magical words with a line underneath them.

1975080_10202881234847522_1618233099_nIt’s been eye opening, this first year. Not just in terms of the course, and what I’ve done on it, but the people I’ve met, the things I’ve seen, and the times I’ve thrown myself in the deep end. Firstly, there are the fantastic people I’ve met. I would list all of them, but that’d be ridiculous. So instead, I’ll just boil it down to those who are the awesome-est. Amy, Tom, Suzie, Benny, Sophie, and George. These are the guys and gals I’ve been spending a lot of time with, and it’s time well spent. Amy especially. We met at a Musical Theatre karaoke night, and began talking after discovering we had a mutual love for McBusted. Then we talked, and talked, and now we’re together. Joy. Nah, I joke, she’s an idiot. -and that’s why I like her.  She does Photography, so she can teach me about using my new camera properly, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, all that nonsense. “But Rich, surely you’ve learned about that on your course?” Well, yes, but having only two separate hours on it at least a term apart, sharing a Nikon D90 between four people doesn’t really teach you much. Enough moaning about your course, Rich!

This is how close I was to McBusted, without zooming in.

This is how close I was to McBusted, without zooming in.

Speaking of things I’ve seen, I mean it in the sense of shows, films, plays etc. Y’know, literally seen. Firstly, in March, I saw The Overtones in Nottingham, and they were phenomenal. A hugely talented bunch, and we got to meet them afterwards. By meet, I mean get pushed along a line, clutching my £5 piece of card, for them to sign, and to exchange a mere sentence of pleasantries to each of the boys. They did however, compliment my dress sense, and that, coming from the five classiest guys in the crumbling modern music industry, put me one above cloud nine. I also got the chance to see McBusted, and I was close to tears with the nostalgia, as I was a mere metre or two from Danny, as I received OMFG Zone tickets for Christmas. I was also spat on by both Danny and James, and managed to grab Matt’s plectrum as he threw it into the audience, much to the disgust of many rather attractive girls. I wasn’t letting that baby go. Next, I got the once in a lifetime chance to go and see The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London. It didn’t half live up to the hype. It was by far the best musical I have ever seen, and you’ve seen how much I love Billy Elliot. I cannot stop singing the songs, and I am desperate to perform any song from it. I would suggest it for MTS, but you can’t get the rights for the entire thing. Finally, I was going to see A Great Big World with Amy, but the date has been moved to October. That was disappointing. But as I keep saying to Amy, we are going to see them eventually.

Finally, the deep end. There’s not masses here, but it’s enough. I’ve been brushing up on my Photoshop skills, and I’ve been working on programmes for various productions my friends have been in for Theatre and Professional Practice course purposes. Including doing a programme for Benny’s devised production, Syrian Nights, Tom’s devised production, Anonymous, a third-year FMP’s (Final Major Project) programme, Lost and Curious, a play I was brought into last-minute to play both Peter Pan’s shadow and an eerie Tube Attendant, and also for the Musical Theatre Society’s production of Guys and Dolls, in which I played ‘Harry the Horse.’ On the topic of deep end, I auditioned for one of the two male leads in the musical, to be called back for the character ‘Nathan Detroit,’ only to be cast as the MC, due to the original show dates clashing with McBusted. Come on, which would you do? Anyway, long story short, I then took on the role of Harry the Horse, and the show was fantastic. As for Lost and Curious, the FMP, it inspired me to audition for an FMP next year, as the auditions are open, and not just for Theatre students. Sweet. Also, I am going to set myself the task of creating my own documentary, sparked by one of the assignments from my course this past year. Rather than bore you with more words on this post, I’ll bore you with words on another one of my posts. Click here to read more about Are They? Below, take a look at the stuff I designed across the year, as well as the poster for Are They?:

Now to wrap everything up. It’s been an inspiring year, and I believe I’m on a good 2:1. Awesome. As for career-based reflection, the walls set are narrowing, so I’m seeing more direction in where I’d like to go. Not in terms of institution, but profession. In terms of personal development, I’m more confident, yet more relaxed. I have fantastic people both here at home, and there at home. In other words, whether I’m in urban Coventry, or back in the Shire, I’ll always be with the people I love. Be it my blood family, or my all singing, all dancing, all drunken family. I love you all.

That’s a wrap.

Such Module.

It’s been ages since I’ve posted properly on here. Well, it was early February when I last did, but that was copying and pasting a poem from my Year One blog onto here. Boooring.

Much Park StAs well as discovering a sign I’ve walked past numerous time could be the basis of a hilarious ‘doge’ post, I have been working at full capacity (bar the times I’ve been both procrastinating and partying), on 161MC, a module on my BA Media Production course, entitled ‘Making an Impact in Media Production.’


Each week, for six weeks, we had a task to do, alongside all of the lectures, workshops, and skills sessions running on both the module in question, as well as two others running all simultaneously. Fun. I actually don’t want that to come across as sarcasm, as frankly, it isn’t. It’s been awesome being able to create something new every week. As much as I’d like to anyway, I lack both the motivation and the mental capacity to come up with something brand new to do every week. We were given a task to do, as I said, and we had only week to make something from it. This is how it went:

Week One – Me (basically).

In case you haven’t noticed, the banner of this blog has changed numerous times. But, for the first time, it closely resembles the aesthetic of my other various online presences. Year One, my YouTube Channel, and my Radio Show page all feature this sepia-graded tone. Mmmmmn, sepia. Nothing too difficult. See more on this stuff both here and here. Then week two happened.

Week Two – The Weird Part

Remixing. A chance to make a film and do it to music. Something I love doing, and something I’ve done before, as you’ve probably seen in London to Brighton 2012. So, I took it on myself to tell you wonderful people about a place few have ventured to. Somewhere I’ve been a few too many times. The Weird Part. If you click enough ‘recommended videos’ on the right hand side on YouTube, you’d end up there. The stuff you’d never find embedded onto Facebook. The stuff you’d never see on the news for getting billions of views. The stuff you wouldn’t see on either Rude Tube or the YouTube Rewind thing at the end of the year.

Anyway, fancy venturing there? Watch this first. It’s like a ‘how to’ merged with a ‘safety guidelines’ video. With Chipstep.

Week Three – Production Plan

I wrote a play. Well, we wrote a play. Back in Upper Sixth, we had to devise and perform a play. Three of Hearts was the final result, and I had the chance to conjure up a film production plan (budgets, actors etc.), and I really want to turn it into a film one day. So I thought, “why not?” Click the poster below to head to the post where you can read the plan. You can if you really want, but if you’re here to watch videos and re-scour the internet for cats sooner rather than later, just move on to week four.

Week Four – The War of the Web 2.0

I’ve seen Web 2.0 re-telling before. In a nutshell, you re-tell a classic story using Twitter, E-Mails, Facebook, stuff like that, then chucking it all into a video. We had to take a classic story of our choice, and re-tell it. No length constraints, just lots of creative freedom. It had to be The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. Take a look, and prepare for the invasion.

Week Five – Ping Rescues Pong

So we’re all now spending up to £9000 a year, the course gets so professional. We made vines. About one ping pong ball rescuing another. Such imagine. *cue the ‘much mislead’ image once more* It’s a new form of presenting/delivering media- yadda, yadda, yadda- blah- vines- uni- watch it. Seven seconds of pure comedic glory.

Finally, Week Six – Are They?

So. £9000 is going places. Time to use seemingly unfinished free online video editing software. It’s a good idea to begin with. Using current media in a film by merely embedding it rather than ripping it, genius. Slow at first, but works quite well in the end. Well, missing useful functions such as undo, copy and paste, and Mozilla doesn’t keep you logged in for more than four seconds. Never mind. No embedding, so, useless link. Enjoy.

Are They? – Mozilla Popcorn Maker

So there we go. This is what I’ve been doing. I haven’t been blogging here on SeriesThree in ages. This will change, as my course has slowly been restored to being a little less than COMPLETE MANIA.

Why Doge? Must Stop. Wow.

Home from Home from within our Home.

For part of a module at Uni, I had to write a poem, create a video alongside it, and record myself reading it over the top. Poetry hasn’t been my thing for a long time. I swear that the last time I wrote a poem was back in Primary school, with which I got a certificate from the charity ‘Lepra.’ I have no idea what that poem entailed. Not anymore anyway.

Enough babble, we had to choose a topic that was both political and personal. As you know, I’m not one to keep up with politics, as in a nutshell, I couldn’t give a crap about these things. So, I had to choose something. Remember SOPA and ACTA? The US Government bills to censor most if not all of the internet, meaning if you utter a word Miley Cyrus once said, you’d be sent to prison. Plus, we’d all hate you for muttering something Twerk-Queen said. Okay, so, here’s the poem.

The Empty Threat (My Poetic Eyes) – Rich Hutson

The first switch, boot, beep, and click,
brought the 20th century a new dawn,
connecting those who had never seen nor spoken prior,
a world beyond ours was born.

This world in which we live beyond our own,
we take, modify and enjoy,
they try turning our home against us,
and against us, their forces deploy.

They pitch their idea upon a vain hope,
that we turn our rebellion away,
but we’ll stand, fight, and defend for our own,
in this game they unnecessarily play.

Our silent protest lasted one mere day,
the world of ours went dark,
our superiors were left dazed and doubtful,
we had surely left our mark.

In the battle between people and people online,
those with authority above us stand tall,
they believe they can mould the collective like clay,
when they try and take our all.

Debt, War, Terrorism, Unemployment,
governments perform their duties with a smug grin,
but when faced with millions preserving their digital abode,
it was a war they would surely never win.

And as I mentioned, there’s a video to go with it too. Enjoy.

Also, I think I’m going to do a roundup of all of my Uni work so far to throw into my portfolio category here on Series Three.

When I have time that is.

The Grey Guardian.

When does a pet, stop being a pet, and becomes a family member?

This is an extract from something I posted on Facebook a week ago today:
A pet isn’t a pet if they treat you more like a relative, than just ‘human.’ Atilla was the epitome of that. She was the sixth member of our family. Not just the grey ball of fluff that expects you to feed her every three seconds.

This is the last photo I took of her, unwillingly getting into the Christmas spirit.

This is the last photo I took of her, unwillingly getting into the 2013 Christmas spirit.

I had a pet cat. But as the above paragraph suggests, she wasn’t exactly a ‘pet.’ She was a family member, the ‘sixth Hutson.’ I’m not saying this solely because I loved her immensely, and because regardless of the fact she’s 20 years old she so goddamn cute, but because of reasons I am about to explain. Cue, The Grey Guardian.

My Mum and Dad adopted Atilla from being merely a kitten, which was back in 1993, before I was even born. She was the ‘baby’ of the household for two years, and then in ’95, I came along. Usually, the stereotypical reaction of a pampered cat when the first baby comes along is either ‘I don’t really care,’ or ‘Child, I hate you.’ Til was neither of these. She loved the new human in her life. Sound like stab in the dark? Nope. When I was eventually out of hospital (story for either another time, or probably never), I, of course being a baby, had a cot. Like I said, Til’s first reaction of me was love, so she didn’t hate it when I was out of the cot. She was content around me, acted completely normal, and I guess I would’ve tried to grab her tail multiple times when I had the chance, but all babies do. She put up with it.

However, the real love was shown when I was in my cot. She would sit, directly underneath my cot, wide awake, watching every pair of feet that walked into the room, and listened for every footstep. This was every single time I was in that cot. She defended me. Wide awake, waiting to pounce on anyone who dared to lay a finger on little old me. Coincidence? No. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister. When they were young, and in their cots, Tilbo would do the exact same thing. Lie low, watch, and defend. When we eventually grew up enough to sleep in beds, Til would still be with us. She’d sleep on our beds, especially mine. Usually, I’d wake up to her on my bed, and I’d fuss her, until she bit me. Made that mistake too many times. From when she had no more defending to do, she was free to roam the house(s), and do as she liked. For years on end, she was our cat, and I mean, years.

Roughly three or four years ago, we noticed Til was beginning to ‘get old.’ In other words, she didn’t seem herself. We’d call her, and she’d stare into space. This went on for a while, and eventually we’d deduced that she’d gone deaf. My Father amusingly tested this assumption with an air horn. We were correct. She didn’t bat an ear. We took her to the vets, and discovered that she had a tumour on her neck. She wasn’t in pain, and nor did she know it was there, but we were told to take her home, and enjoy our last few weeks with her. Three/Four years later, she was still there, and still being perpetually pampered. Not exactly a bad thing. Then from pretty much the last day of term one here at Uni, to when it ended, her condition deteriorated. I’m not going into detail, as it’s not relevant.

On the 12th of January 2014, Atilla ‘Maggot’ Hutson curled up, and fell asleep for the last time. We decided to have her put to sleep, as she couldn’t live with how she was. After a long life, twenty years of relaxation, love, and family, Til now rests in the sunny spot in the garden, where she liked to sit and watch the world go by.

She purred until her last breath.
As if she was saying, ‘thank you.’


So when does a pet stop being a pet and becomes a family member?
When you realise you’ve loved them since you first met.

Now her scarf hangs next to the Permanent Visitor’s hat.

She’ll be here forever.

Tumbl-ing through the Fandoms.

So I’ve finally decided to properly give Tumblr a try. Why? Probably because it’s the best place to join fellow geeks in our appropriate fandom. No cookies for guessing which one I mainly belong in. Click on the obviously hilarious picture below which definitely doesn’t give away my chosen fandom to head across to TheLastSkarosian on Tumblr.

Rich Dalek


Cue the next Three Hundred and Sixty-Five.

Hello, I’m Rich Hutson, and welcome to Series Three. A blog about ranting over stuff you see every day.

Seeing as though everyone’s doing these ‘flipagrams’ on Instagram to run down the year, I thought I’d do something a little more heartfelt and wordy, as it’s better than seeing four-hundred pictures speed past you like a digital photo frame with a jet engine sellotaped to it come bounding past.

So I’m going to do something along the lines of Charlie Brooker’s 2013 Wipe (as you could guess by my opening quotation), by simply stating a month, and letting you wonderful folk know what happened to me back then- if I can remember, and probably throw in a blog post for each month too. Lots of fun stuff to do!



My first Facebook status back then was: “Merry New Christmas Birthday thing. Will you be my Santa Claus Valentines?” I was obviously as funny back then as I am now. January wasn’t too interesting. It mainly consisted of cat pictures being posted on my wall from my girlfriend-at-the-time, and receiving offers and interviews from all of my Universities, and going back to school for my last half-year of Upper Sixth. Also, Gertie lost a wing mirror thanks to some numpty in Horncastle driving something wider than a road. The most interesting thing on my Blog in Jan was probably The Cake Is A Lieas I took my RedBubble page down due to my work being something. Thanks RedBubble. Right, February.


Other than Valentine’s Day, and receiving a Conditional offer from Coventry before leaving the room, February was much like January. Boooooring. Well, the second series of Black Mirror created by the wondrous Charlie Brooker appeared on our screens. We were all rather entertained. Something I need to get on a box set. Where’s my wallet? The best thing I’d guess was having a geek-fest at home with three friends, playing Minecraft and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 all night, drinking, and creating a Harlem Shake. Deal with it.


March seemed fun, as I danced to victory in Doncaster, and Dad brought home yet another beautiful Brit. It was a TR6. I know what you’re thinking. I also took a selfie on my Dad’s iPhone 5 which, back then, was brand new for at least four seconds, only to come home to find it on a canvas on the wall, and a mug. I also found my severe love for Electro-Swing, saw The Metamorphosis at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Studio Theatre, and scared me shitless. Who’d have though ballet could be scary. Yeah, it is. The best thing about March was completing My Waya music video for my favourite band, I Fight Dragons, as well as my A2 Media Coursework, which resulted in an ‘A’ for that side of things.


April sparked a change. I did the most difficult and probably the most important exam of my life. Screw GCSE’s, screw A-Levels. Intermediate Ballet is where it’s at. I ended up with a Merit, only a few marks from a Distinction. Darn. Never mind. As both my birthday and exams creeped up, one person creeped walked away. All things end. Forget about, and get on with it. On a lighter, more rant-y note, have some Fun, Games, and Tap Dancing.


May saw me turn 18. It was also the time I left Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for good, and started my study leave, in wait for my A2 exams. It also saw my last show with the Allen School of Dance, a school I’d been part of of fifteen years, so it was undoubtably an emotional time. I also created the evaluation for My Way. I won’t recommend it, as it’s seventeen minutes of myself talking to pictures. May began the rest of my life. Hello world. But it made me think of my roots too. Cue, The Permanent Visitor.


Along comes June. I took this infamous selfie above. It also sparked the beginning of my vlogging ‘career,’ and the end of my school ones. Exams were over, and I was free. Mid-exams however, I attended and filmed London To Brighton 2013, which is in hiatus. Probably forever. There are bits I like though. So I might finish it if I get my act together. E3 also happened. So Stupid o’clock, Stupid Convergence is my ‘post of the month.’


As for July, it was my last Midsummer Dance Competition. I could repeat my speech I did at the end of the show, but I’m keeping each month down to a paragraph. For the blog, it had to be We Long to Fly and Learn to Fall. That was basically it for July. There was my first and last prom, occasional partying, and best of all:



August was the same really. Not much going. Not until the end. There were multiple guests on my radio show so it was Not Just Me, more internet (cue GIF once again). We also had a quick visit to Coventry, my future University to show Mother around, then a surprise holiday to Spain for a week before I moved out forever.


The twenty-first saw me move out, and start my journey. I went to Coventry University to study BA Media Production. It’s the last day of December now, and in hindsight, before I blabber on about particular bits, it has been undoubtably amazing. The best thing I have ever done. I’ve met some wonderful people, created some brilliant work, and enjoyed myself immensely. I’ll continue in more detail in October, but for now, let’s do some Slutdropping etc.


Let’s look at what I made then. In October, I created and directed my first short film, My Brother. It was a huge achievement for me, as not only did I complete my first Uni assignment, but also found that I was good at directing. The other things I created were Far Gosford Street – Coventry in an Hour, my technical showreel, and Lullaby. Those links will be around on the blog somewhere. But for now, how about a closer look at My First ‘Action’?


Let’s look at MTS then. I rabble on about it a lot. ‘MTS’ stands for Musical Theatre Society, which is basically the only society I joined. Thanks to Add+Vantage, I am not a part of the film society, but oh well. MTS is fantastic, and I don’t care if it’s the only other thing I do. We have various shows happening during the year, including The Phantom of the Musical, which is going to be amazing. They’re the guys and girls I’ll be seeing as soon as possible when I move back in next sunday. We can’t handle being away from each other for too long. A relevant post? Uh, The Fall of the Thirteenth Pride.


That brings me to December. Other than riding a reindeer topless, and spending most of my post-module weeks sat around doing nothing, I came home. Only to endure an Eternal Three-Week Hiatus. Thankfully, that’s going to be over on Sunday, and I head back to Coventry, for more fun, frolics, drunken pirouettes and modules. Thankfully, no more Add+Vantage. That can stay away until year two.


There we are then. My year. It’s been pretty darn good. I must say however, 2014 has much to give, and I expect more than what 2013 already completely filled me with. Until then, I won’t be posting until 2014. Oh, the hilarity continues.


Get wasted on my behalf.
I know I’m not.
I’ll be indoors.